TIFF: Download THR's Day 3 Daily

Dan Rather praises 'Truth' for accuracy and Stephen Frears says 'The Program' should be called a crime film, but other finished films are outshined by presale deals.

The Hollywood Reporter's third Toronto Film Festival daily issue features a look at the fest's major presale deals, an interview with Stephen Frears about why he didn’t debut his Lance Armstrong film at Cannes, and reviews of Our Brand Is Crisis, I Saw the Light, Miss You Already and The Lady In the Van.

No Movie? No Problem
Buyers are ignoring completed projects to get in early on promising titles. Paramount acquired the Meryl Streep starrer Florence Foster Jenkins for $8 million-$10 million, and the Jessica Chastain package Miss Sloane sold to EuropaCorp for somewhere in the high-teen millions. Says Focus’ Lia Buman, "It’s no longer a situation where you go to a festival and only look at finished films."

The Accuracy of 'Truth'
Dan Rather
praised the Robert Redford-starring Truth James Vanderbilt's movie on Rather's CBS exit after a 60 Minutes investigation into President George W. Bush’s alleged Vietnam war draft-dodging — for its accuracy and performances. "This is the best film I've seen on the big screen that takes you inside the craft of journalism, and demonstrates how it works, as opposed to how people feel journalism works," he told THR, later saying to the premiere's audience that there were "plenty of things I would do over."

"A Very American Tragedy"
Frears says his TIFF-premiering film The Program, starring Ben Foster as disgraced American cycling hero Lance Armstrong, is not a sports biopic. "I don’t know him, so I’m reluctant to pin the term 'psychotic' on Lance, but his behavior was definitely very, very odd. And cheating is only part of it," he said in a THR interview. As for why it didn't debut in Cannes, he explained, "Normally I get hired to direct what already exists. I developed this one on my own. I wanted to take the time to get it right."

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