TIFF: Jessica Chastain Hopes 'The Martian' Helps Recruit Female Astronauts to "Go to Mars"

The actress tells THR that she has yet to share much screen time with Matt Damon after two projects, but praises him and Jennifer Lawrence for being a rare Hollywood find.

Though Jessica Chastain and Matt Damon are both featured in The Martian and Interstellar, the actress laughed that she has yet to thoroughly work with him.

"The difficult thing for some reason for me working with Matt Damon is that I don't get very much screen time with Matt!" she told The Hollywood Reporter ahead of the film's world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival"I've always wanted to work with him because for me, he really is that strange connection of being a movie star and also being a chameleon actor, someone who really transforms into his role. He's a real, real actor, but he's also one of the biggest movie stars in the world!"

Another Hollywood example of that rare crossover is Jennifer Lawrence, said Chastain: "Every once in a while, someone does both."

Chastain hopes the upcoming Ridley Scott space-survival drama, which casts Damon as an astronaut abandoned on the red planet, sparks interest in NASA's future female recruits, since it has historically been known as somewhat of a boys' club.

"I'm hoping with Interstellar and Gravity and now The Martian that young girls are gonna watch this film, and they're gonna want to go to Mars," she said. "And we'll open up a whole new career path for girls who didn't think it was a possibility."

After all, a major reason she signed on was to learn — specifically, at space camp.

"I got to let my inner geek fly," said Chastain of visiting NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena and Space Center in Houston. "You know what surprised me most about JPL is how cool everyone is — everyone looks like hipsters!"

The Martian hits theaters Oct. 2. Watch THR's chat with Chastain in the video above.