Toronto According to ... Agent Jessica Lacy

Jessica Lacy S 2016
Courtesy of subject

Jessica Lacy S 2016

The partner and head of international and independent film at ICM Partners dishes on dealmaking at the Canada-set film festival.

Memorable Toronto story?

Before we started negotiations on John Turturro’s film Fading Gigolo, on which we were working with Bill Block, he sat us around his computer in the suite and made us screen the Alec Baldwin “Coffee Is for Closers” speech from the opening to Glengarry Glen Ross.

What’s your “only in Toronto” moment?

Going to a strip joint with Mickey Rourke.

What’s your Toronto nightmare story?

Going to a strip joint with Mickey Rourke.

What have you lost during the fest?

Pride, dignity, sleep.

Who’s your favorite Canadian actor and why?

John Candy, because I grew up on his films, and Christopher Plummer, because he is always amazing and his career is everlasting.

One thing you’d change about your hotel?

They need to build secret underground passageways. Now most of the agencies are staying there, and inevitably, we run into each other in the elevators while escorting buyers to our suites for negotiations!