Tiffany Haddish Urges People to Wash Hands in PSA

Courtesy of Youtube/method home

Using hidden cameras to watch people who've just exited the stalls at the sink, Haddish is surprised by those who either fail to wash up or rinse without soap.

Girls Trip breakout star Tiffany Haddish, who was just tapped to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 11, has released a humorous PSA to remind people to wash their hands.

“I got one question,” Haddish begins in the Method cleaning products video. “Do you wash your hands after using the restroom? Well today, we’re going to find out how many people keep it clean when they think no one is watching.”

While monitoring those who've recently exited bathroom stalls at the sink via hidden cameras, Haddish notices some people failing to wash their hands, while others simply rinse without using soap.

Unable to comprehend why some people wouldn’t wash their hands, Haddish begins speaking through an intercom.

“Excuse me, this is your inner sister girl,” Haddish says to one woman who puts gum in her mouth without washing her hands. “Could you wash your hands? That’s how you get sick!”

Although eager to encourage people to wash their hands, Haddish couldn’t help but make some comedic quips. “I bet you didn’t know your conscious was urban,” Haddish tells a woman over the intercom.

After watching others failing to wash their hands, Haddish feels it is her turn to “lead by example.” The comedian then enters the bathroom to thoroughly wash her hands, as an elder woman watches.

Continuing to observe, Haddish jokes about a woman who fervently cleans her hands. “She is really washing them hands. What you making butter, girl?”

After seeing a man succeed in washing his hands, Haddish says, “A clean man is a good man!”

In the end of her PSA, Haddish urges others to maintain sanitary conditions.

“Please world, wash your hands, please! ‘Cause you’ll never know when I’ll be watching. I can see you,” Haddish warns viewers.

Watch the comedic PSA below.