Tiffany Trump Artfully Dodges Dad's PDA

Tiffany Trump - second presidential debate - H - 2016
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Politicians' daughters — they're just like us!

Not much about Tiffany Trump, Donald Trump's youngest daughter with second wife Marla Maples, is relatable to most average Americans. 

The 22-year-old University of Pennsylvania grad, who was raised in Los Angeles by her mom, documents her lavish lifestyle thoroughly on Instagram, even earning a spot among the "Rich Kids of Instagram" thanks to glamour shots and images of tropical vacation spots. 

But following Sunday evening's town hall–style debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Tiffany Trump was all of us.

A moment — caught on camera for all of eternity — appears to shows Tiffany dodging a kiss on the cheek from dear 'ol dad, swerving out of his reach with a grace that would make Muhammad Ali proud. She remained peppy throughout the interaction, however, laughing and giving the Donald a loving pat on the arm.   

Politicians' daughters — (sometimes) they're just like us!