Tiffany Trump's Inaugural Ball Designer: "This Is About Fashion, Not About Politics"

Courtesy of Simin Couture
Tiffany Trump's Liberty Ball gown

Beverly Hills-based designer Simin Taghdiri of Simin Couture opened up about dressing the youngest of Trump's daughters, as well as her mom, Marla Maples.

Tiffany Trump, who has been working with celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch for the inauguration-weekend festivities, arrived at the Liberty Ball in a strapless, sparkling gown by Beverly Hills-based designer Simin Taghdiri of Simin Couture. The youngest of President Donald Trump's daughters joined her dad and first lady Melania Trump, as well as her siblings and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen Pence, onstage. Taghdiri also dressed Tiffany's mom, Trump's second wife, Marla Maples, for the evening.

"For Tiffany, it was a very last-minute," Taghdiri tells The Hollywood Reporter of how her look came together. "Last week, I got an email that Tiffany and her mom needed a dress, so I took the dresses, which I already had in stock — because we didn’t have enough time to make them from scratch — and I went to New York, where I spent two days altering dresses."

When asked if the two discussed politics during her two-day stay in the Big Apple, Taghdiri says the conversation was strictly (fashion) business. "This is about fashion, not about politics," she says. "I actually don’t know anything about politics."

While several fashion designers, including Sophie Theallet, Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, have stated that they refuse to dress Melania Trump, given her husband's politics. Taghdiri, who declines to disclose her own political leanings, says she was ecstatic to have the "honor" of outfitting Tiffany. "The way we met, it was only about fashion, and we talked about many sweet things — we talked about everything but politics."

The designer, who has outfitted Gigi Hadid and Tiffany's pal Abigail Breslin, first became acquainted with the Trump brood through Tiffany's older half-sister, Ivanka. "We met through a mutual friend called Jonathan Bash," she says. "I made the three to four dresses for her about eight years ago around the time when she was dating Jared. I remember I was so impressed by Ivanka. She's just a classy, classy woman."

In the months since Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, Tiffany has been subject to brutal online abuse from those who disagree with her dad's politics. However, several of her friends — including Breslin and designer Andrew Warren — have come to her defense, saying that she should not be blamed for the actions of her father.