Tig Notaro Books Nationwide Stand-Up Tour (Exclusive)

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The comedian has very different material planned: "It's embarrassing how happy I am"

Tig Notaro is ready to unleash a new stand-up tour, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

The tour, which include stops in San Diego, Boston and Dallas, is an opportunity for the comedian to showcase an hour of new comedy and will be her first tour since her album Live blew up in 2012.

Notaro shot to fame thanks to Live, which featured a raw set inspired by a series of personal tragedies, including her battle with breast cancer and the death of her mother. The emotional material resonated with fans and took off thanks in part to a little help from Louis C.K.

Notaro admits the process of working out her latest material was a little embarrassing. She hoped to be anonymous, going to small open mics while she figured out her set, but her newfound notoriety made it tough to fly under the radar.

"It was really embarrassing because I would go to these clubs and they would introduce me, 'Well, we are really in for a treat tonight!' And meanwhile I didn't have any material," Notaro tells THR.

Read our full chat with Notaro below, and check out her tour dates at the bottom of the post.

What was the process of writing this material like?

After all that attention was on me, I didn't feel comfortable walking into comedy clubs because sometimes owners or booking agents would say "we are so honored to have you here." It was just like "Please, I don't want this attention." When I finally went back it was me saying, "My exercise today is to walk into a place that has comedy," or "Tonight I have to walk onstage and who knows if I have anything to say." It really was that basic to begin with.

But now you are much more comfortable with where you are at, it seems.

I am so comfortable. There was no sign of that even nine months ago. My head was just in a really weird place because I had been through so much physical and emotional pain for so long, and then had so many eyes on me going "Come on! What do you have to say?" and I'm like, "I'm sad."

You've said you are feeling really good — so it's really different than your 2012 material.

It's embarrassing how happy I am. I don't have a complaint in the world.

Are you able to share a taste of the material people will get on this tour?

I touch briefly on my family, what I went through, where I am now in my life and just general stories. I have a story about me and my friend Kyle and the time we genuinely thought we saw Santa Claus. You have to hear the story, but it's a true story. There are some stories from my childhood and I feel like it's a richer, more worked out piece of work than I've ever done. And there's other ridiculousness in there.

Check out Notaro's dates for the Boyish Girl Interrupted Tour 2014.

Sept. 23-25 — Toronto, ON

Sept. 26 — Northampton, MA

Sept. 27 Plymouth, NH

Sept. 28 — Providence, RI

Sept. 29 — Ridgefield, CT

Sept. 30 — Baltimore, MD

Oct. 1-4 — Washington, DC — Bentzen Ball Festival

Oct. 6 — Charlottesville, VA

Oct. 7 — Durham, NC

Oct. 8 — Athens, GA

Oct. 9 — Atlanta, GA

Oct. 12 — New Orleans

Oct. 16 — Austin, TX

Oct. 17 — Dallas, TX

Oct. 18 — Oklahoma City, OK

Oct. Oct. 20 — St. Louis

Oct. 21 — Omaha, NE

Oct. 22  — Minneapolis, MN

Oct. 23 — Milwaukee, WI

Oct. 24 — Cincinnati, OH

Oct. 25 — Pittsburgh, PA - Early / Late

Oct. 26 – Pontiac, MI

Oct. 29-Nov. 3 — Maui Comedy Festival — Hawaii

Nov. 6 — New York, NY

Nov. 7 — Philadelphia, PA

Nov. 8 — Boston, MA

Nov. 9 — Denver, CO

Nov. 12 — Portland, OR

Nov. 13 — Seattle, WA

Nov. 14 — Vancouver, BC

Nov. 17 — Sacramento, CA

Nov. 18 — San Francisco, CA

Nov. 19 — San Diego, CA

Jan. 30, 2015 — The Regent, Los Angeles