Tiger on the Loose Near DisneyLand Paris

Last Tiger Standing Still - H 2014
John Goodrich

Last Tiger Standing Still - H 2014

Armed police are scouring the countryside for the animal spotted yesterday

French police are hunting big game in and around DisneyLand Paris after a tiger was spotted in a parking lot just 2.5 miles away from the theme park. 

The animal was spotted on Thursday in a parking lot in the Seine-et-Marne area. Residents have been tweeting their sightings in the last 12 hours as police and firefighters armed with paralyzing darts comb the area.

Speculation is rife in the French media as to where the "Paris tiger" came from. A circus was in the area recently, but all their animals, including several big cats, are accounted for. 

Below is slowed-down security tape of the tiger prowling a parking lot.