Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon Find Buried Treasure While Golfing

The Tonight Show - Jimmy Fallon - Tiger Woods - Publicity Still- H 2019

The professional athlete joined the host for a segment on one of his special Sunday editions of 'The Tonight Show.'

Tiger Woods and Jimmy Fallon's day of golfing took an adventurous turn on Sunday's episode of The Tonight Show, with the pair making an unexpected discovery in a sand trap.

The segment opened with Fallon working on his short game. When he finally sinks his putt, Woods informs him that he scored a 15 on the hole — but on the bright side, the day could "only get better."

Before moving onto the next hole, Fallon goes to rake out a sand trap that he was in "for a while." While grooming the sand, his rake strikes a metal object. "I think there's something down here," he says. "It's Jersey. It's probably a body," Woods quips in response. Despite Woods' lack of interest, Fallon insists that he's found a buried treasure.

The two dig out a strongbox and determine that the best way to open it is for Woods to hit the lock off with his golf club. "I'm not gonna hit you. I know what I'm doing," Woods tells Fallon as the host whimpers on the ground.

"Oh my God," says Woods as he and Fallon open the box. They burst into cheers and run around the course to celebrate their discovery as Billy Idol's "Mony Mony" plays.

As Woods and Fallon continue to celebrate, the camera zooms in on the box to reveal that the treasure is a 20-percent-off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond.

The segment concludes with an inspirational message from Woods and Fallon: "Don't forget to dream."

Watch the full segment below.