Tiger Woods Win Prompts Bizarre Spectator Reaction Caught by Golf Channel (Video)

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During the golfer's final drive at the Chevron World Challenge, someone in attendance decided to scream "mashed potatoes."

At a golf tournament, it is both customary and required to maintain silence while the players take their shots. After that, all bets are off.

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Still, there's a relatively small stable of exclamations familiar to the golf course. "Get in the hole," "four" and the frequent "ooh" or "ahh" are pretty much it.

But when Tiger Woods made his final drive for a birdie at Sunday's Chevron World Challenge, winning the embattled pro his first title since the 2009 revelation of his many extramarital affairs, one over-excited fan shouted something else.

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The Golf Channel's coverage of the Chevron World Challenge caught one man screaming "mashed potatoes" at an impressive decibel, as Deadspin points out. The Thanksgiving side has, up until now, had no affiliation with the sport.

Watch the video below, for the full effect:

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