Tigers Awards see first split nod


ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands -- The 36th edition of the International Film Festival of Rotterdam ended Friday night with the announcement of four Tiger Award winners -- marking the first time a jury has split one of the three awards.

Headed by Piers Handling, director of the Toronto Film Festival, the international jury gave awards to "Love Conquers All" by helmer Tan Chui Mui of Malaysia and "The Unpolished" from Germany's Pia Marias.

The split award went to Morten Hartz Kaplers of Denmark for the spoof documentary "AFR" and Brazilian director Claudio Assis for his "Bog of Beasts." The winning titles will be released in Dutch cinemas this year and later broadcast on local TV.

The Fipresci Award went to Spanish director Rafa Cortes for "Yo" (Me), an intriguing tale of a man in search of his identity.

The Public Award was won by the German Oscar-contender "The Lives of Others."

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