Tilda Swinton puts film festival on wheels

Actress taking mobile movie theater through Scotland

LONDON -- Academy Award winner Tilda Swinton is spending part of the summer hauling a mobile movie theater across the Scottish Highlands.

Swinton and fellow film fans are transporting the movie truck through towns and villages for a traveling film festival. Most of the time they drive, but volunteers are pulling the 37-ton (40 ton) truck for part of the journey on foot. Swinton said the foot slog -- a tribute to movies and the Scottish landscape -- was a "mad idea" that seemed appropriate.

Swinton told Monday's edition of the Guardian newspaper that audiences in remote communities were hungry to for nonmainstream films and for an "experience of cinema" unavailable on DVD.

The festival's schedule includes international road movies, from Preston Sturges' "Sullivan's Travels" to Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's "Cold Fever."

War drama "Culloden" is being shown in the village where the 18th century battle took place, and Akira Kurosawa's Japanese "Macbeth" adaptation "Throne of Blood" was screened in Cawdor, which has links to Shakespeare's play.

The event follows a film festival Swinton helped organize last year in her hometown of Nairn on Scotland's east coast. The six-day journey, dubbed "A Pilgrimage," is due to end Thursday in Nairn. The films will be screened there again through the weekend.

Swinton won a best supporting actress Oscar in 2008 for "Michael Clayton."