Tim Goodman Picks His 5 Favorite Medical Series

'Chicago Hope'

'Code Black' not doing it for you? THR's chief TV critic says watch one of these and call him in the morning.

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1. M*A*S*H (1972-83)

This CBS dramedy nailed the chaos of war and its attendant bloodshed. No topic was off-limits or too difficult to tackle, and exceptional acting, writing and direction combined to create characters that became family.

2. The Knick (2014-present)

Cinemax's drama — which portrays medicine in 1900 as a matter of trial and error — is a bracingly original take on the genre, with director Steven Soderbergh and star Clive Owen in top form.

3. ER (1994-2009)

NBC's hit hung on for too long, but in its prime, the series managed to be dramatic with minimal soapiness, yielding a wealth of memorable episodes and launching a number of fruitful acting careers.

4. Chicago Hope (1994-2000)

ER's less popular rival over on CBS boasted a superb cast (Mandy Patinkin, Adam Arkin, Christine Lahti, Hector Elizondo) and was excellent at its creative peak. This hypochondriac tuned in to both shows.

5. St. Elsewhere (1982-88)

NBC's hospital drama was darkly funny, deeply influential (ER and Chicago Hope were direct heirs) and went out with a surprise twist that reset our notions of everything that had come before.