Tim Goodman's What Men Should Be Watching on TV List


THR's TV critic presents a male-oriented must-watch list:

1. Breaking Bad (AMC)
It's tough, intellectual and complicated, about what a man dying of cancer does to take care of his family when he's gone. Sure, he's making meth -- but  you can learn from that as well.

2. Nova, Masterpiece and Great Performances (PBS)
Science, top-notch (mostly costume) dramas and quality music. This should cover for all the SportsCenter and Wipeout you watch.

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3. Archer and Sons of Anarchy (FX)
Yeah, the latter is what you'd be (in your dreams) without the old lady and a set of brassier balls, but the former is a hilarious cartoon made for you that's dirty, funny and sly.

4. Mad Men (AMC)
Don't say it moves too slow because that makes you sound like a typical frenetic channel-changing man, so stop. You watch this because it's the good (drinking in the office) and bad (misogyny) parts of "early man" as we know it. Also, it's an exploration of existential crises, and you're not getting any younger. Important note: You're not supposed to want to be Don Draper.

5. How It's Made (Science Channel)
Because it's endlessly fascinating and the best show ever if you have a really bad hangover. Seriously.

6. Oprah (reruns, new stuff, whatever)
Keep your enemies close.

7. Modern Family (ABC) It's funny and true(ish).
A good combo.

8. The Amazing Race (CBS)
Because the whole family can watch (which is probably different from most of what you like) and you can live vicariously through the travel without having to foot the bill.

9. Guy Stuff
Pretty much anything where you might find man vs. nature, ice-road truckers, chainsaw lumberjacks or guys going into coal mines. You are not those people. No, you're really not.

10. Game of Thrones/Boardwalk Empire (HBO)
There's tons of sex, and people have their heads cut off -- all of it completely acceptable.