Tim Gunn and Anna Wintour Just Can't Make it Work

Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum - P 2015
AP Images

Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum - P 2015

The 'Project Runway' star characterized his relationship with the 'Vogue' editor as "hostile."

Though it's hard to imagine anyone having a beef with the lovable Tim Gunn, it appears that the longtime Project Runway correspondent is not on the friendliest of terms with fellow fashion veteran Anna Wintour

What began as an innocent enough question during an interview with the New York Post  where Gunn was asked about the most unforgettable moment he's ever seen in fashion — soon escalated into a tense exchange with Wintour's PR team.

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Answering honestly, Gunn replied to the Post, "watching Anna Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs from a fashion show." According to the 62-year-old, Wintour's office demanded a retraction the very next day. However, the host stuck to his guns, refusing to take back his statement. "I said, 'But it's true! I didn't make this up.' " 

Wintour's office was so angry that the Vogue editor's communications director even went so far as to defend Wintour's ability to "work a Manolo." But Gunn maintained that there was no malice intended in his statement. "It was a matter of speed," he said of Wintour being whisked down the stairs by her body guards. "They had to move her fast." 

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With all the back-and-forth, Gunn concedes that their relationship could now be described as a "hostile," but ultimately, he noted, "when people misbehave around me, I call them out on their bad behavior."