Tim Kaine Talks Trump, Hillary Clinton's Health and "Stepdad" Memes With Stephen Colbert

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

Kaine said on 'The Late Show' that Clinton has a track record "all the way back to being a middle schooler in trying to advance priorities for others. Donald Trump is for himself."

Hillary Clinton's running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, joined Thursday's Late Show to discuss rumors about the presidential candidate's health, how he feels about being "America's stepdad" and of course, Donald Trump. 

Veep's Tony Hale, Stephen Colbert's other guest of the night, even made an appearance in the cold open to help Kaine remember things (like the name of Colbert's show) like he would do for the HBO show's Julia Louis-Dreyfus character. 

Sitting down with Clinton's running mate, the late-night host pointed out how similar Kaine looks to one of his Late Show staffers, Mark Spada (offering Spada as a stand-in on the campaign trail), and asked him how long he knew he would be the VP pick "before America knew," to which Kaine responded: "About 12 minutes." 

Comparing the experience to "being kidnapped," Kaine told Colbert, "You know that scene at the end of E.T. where they go into a big spaceship?" It's like that. 

Concerned about Clinton after rumors about her declining health, Colbert asked him how she's doing on the campaign trail. "I think she could beat me in the New York marathon," he said, vouching for Clinton. 

Colbert told Kaine about the memes online calling him "America's stepdad," asking him, "Are you OK with not being cool?" Kaine responded that he has been "training for that for 23 years" with his children, who have always considered him un-cool. 

And, of course, Colbert asked Kaine about Trump's recent comments that Clinton is a "bigot." Kaine defended Clinton, citing her track record "all the way back to being a middle schooler trying to advance priorities for others. Donald Trump is for himself." 

On Trump's softening his stance on immigration, Kaine told Colbert, "I don't buy it" before going into a few comments in Spanish. Colbert asked him what the Spanish word for "pandering" is, but Kaine says there isn't one, it's "unique to the American political tradition." 

Colbert ended the interview with a man-on-the-street bit with his Kaine look-alike staffer, Spada, who introduced himself as Kaine to people on the sidewalk. 

This marks the Virginia senator's first late-night appearance since he was selected as Clinton's running mate in June. Their first joint interview was also on CBS, specifically for 60 Minutes. Kaine granted one of his first individual interviews to Telemundo, the NBCUniversal-owned Spanish network.

Clinton also just made an appearance on late-night TV, joining ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday for her first late-night stop since accepting the Democratic Party nomination last month.