Tim Robbins Calls "Voter Fraud" on Bernie Sanders' Primary Losses

Tim Robbins and Bernie Sanders - H  2016
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The actor called out CNN and The New York Times for allegedly rigging poll numbers in a tweet Monday.

Bernie Sanders supporter Tim Robbins is claiming the candidate's recent primary losses are the result of rigged poll numbers.

In a tweet on Monday, the actor singled out The New York Times and CNN with a photo of a chart comparing numbers from exit polls and actual results, suggesting that the media has skewed election results in favor of Sanders' Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. 

"Hey NYTimes, CNN. Are you saying that 2+2=5? Are you really OK supporting a candidate with these numbers? #VoterFraud," his tweet reads.

In a follow-up post, Robbins targeted Correct the Record, a Clinton-supporting research and response team, writing, "There IS evidence of voter fraud in this election. There is already evidence suggesting malfeasance in Arizona and Illinois. ... You are supporting a deeply flawed candidate with a disapproval rating that continues to grow with every tweet from your SuperPac."

Robbins' allegations come just a week after Sanders lost to Clinton in April 19's New York primary.