Tim Tebow Appears Shirtless For GQ (Photo)

Tim Tebow GQ Cover September - P 2012

Tim Tebow GQ Cover September - P 2012

Will there be a rivalry between the newly minted Jets QB and teammate Mark Sanchez? Oh, who cares. Take off your shirt, Tim!

The New York Jets' newly acquired quarterback Tim Tebow turns 25 on Tuesday. And as if in celebration, he rings in the occasion appearing on the cover of the men's fashion magazine GQ.

But far more importantly for his female fans, Tebow poses shirtless inside the magazine with his arms outstretched. Forget the sports fans, GQ is going to get a lot of ladies clicking to learn more about the newly minted New York Jets QB.

Many of them may be disappointed that he was not photographed shirtless while doing the infamous "Tebow" elbow-on-knee bow. You can't have everything, ladies.

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His female fan base may not, however, stick around to read the whole article, which is set in the locker room and deals with the alleged (predicted) Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow rivalry.

The reporter also acknowledges that even the most ruthless Tebow critics can't help but succumb to the devout athlete's charisma while in his presence.

"Tebow smiles the entire time he is surrounded by reporters, no matter what he's asked, no matter how naked the trap being laid for him, every one of which he dodges, effortlessly, with a soft chuckle. He is clearly enjoying himself. He likes the attention, and not in a craven, needy way. More like: I'm a people person!" the article reads. "Back in Denver, Tebow was criticized for playing the noble innocent while others did the assassinating on his behalf, letting him ascend unscathed into the spotlight. One time he was chastised and fined by the team's other QBs for not proactively denouncing a highway billboard in Denver clamoring for Tebow to be the starter. Back then, when I was eager for reasons to hate Tebow, I sided with his teammates. But now, standing two feet from him, it seems ridiculous to hold him responsible for the antics of some schmucky fan. As if Tebow is God or something."

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But the reporter does manage to ask Tebow one burning question: "What would he say to Jets fans who aren't sold on him, who maybe even consider themselves anti-Tebow?"

Tebow replies: "I think if they're a Jets fan, hopefully they'll be rooting for me. I'll do whatever I can to help this team win football games. I'll give my heart and soul whenever I step on that field and even when I'm on the sidelines. And at the end of the day, that's really all you can ask of someone."

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Just take your shirt off occasionally, OK?

Photo By: Mark Seliger/GQ