Tim Tebow Dominates Social Media Following Playoff Victory; Bill Maher Remains Silent

Tim Tebow Vs Steelers H 2012
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The "Real Time With Bill Maher" host previously tweeted that the religious quarterback got "f--ked" by Jesus after a Christmas Eve loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow dominated the social media conversation on Sunday, Jan. 8 after leading the Denver Broncos to an OT victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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"Giants fan but wow. #Tebow Thats what the fuck a champion looks like," wrote Lady Gaga to her nearly 18 million followers.

Sports radio host Jim Rome tweeted, "Tim Tebow was trying to prove he was better than Brady Quinn. Now he's John Elway. He was playing 4 his job. Now he's a legend." Meanwhile, Friday Night Lights actor Scott Porter posted a photo of himself "Tebowing," donning a shirt that reads: "Keep Calm and Tebow On."

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Tebow has been a source of significant controversy in the sports world since replacing Kyle Orton as the Broncos' starting quarterback earlier this season. His outspoken views on Christianity has polarized NFL fans and even made him a fixture in the GOP campaigns of Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry.

"At this point, Tim Tebow might as well try and win the republican primary," joked former Eagles free agent Jerrod Johnson, who currently serves as QB for the Arizona Rattlers arena football team.

According to Trendistic, which tracks Twitter trends, the terms "Tebow" "Broncos" and "Win" all became trending topics on the social networking site in the late hours of the game. At 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, "Tebow" was found in 6.46% of all tweets.

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One pundit who did not weigh in on the surprise victory was Bill Maher, who made headlines over the holidays for tweeting "Wow, Jesus just fucked #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhoere in hell Satan is tabooing, saying to Hitler 'Hey, Buffalo's killing them." The comment came following a surprising loss to the widely panned Buffalo Bills.

Read below to find a sampling of additional Tebow related comments.

NFL Commentator Michael Strahan:
Wow!! Denver and Tebow Time!!
WOWWWWW!!! Are u kidding me?? Congrats to the Broncos!! Great play call

NFL Commentator Warren Sapp:

Comedian Jim Norton:

The state of Colorado just converted its time zone from Mountain Time to Tebow Time.

American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery:
real happy for Tim Tebow! Not a bronco fan, but a Tebow fan. Anybody that doesn't like him apparently just doesn't like winners..

Writer Richard Lawson:
Starting March 2012, the role of Mother Superior in the Sister Act musical will be played by Tim Tebow's left ball.

Actor David Krumholtz:
Holy moly! Tim Tebow!!!!!