Tim Tebow on Getting 'Asked Out,' Trademarking 'Tebow-ing' (Video)

Tim Tebow NY Jets announcement - H 2012
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Tim Tebow NY Jets announcement - H 2012

In his "Today" show interview, the New York Jets quarterback also defends himself against backlash.

Before getting ripped by anonymous New York Jets teammates in the New York Daily News this week, Tim Tebow sat down with the Today show to talk football and address brewing backlash against him.

In typical Tebow fashion, the quarterback was unfailingly polite, humble and diplomatic.

"Honestly, I’m just trying to do the best I can with every opportunity I’m given, and when I’m given the opportunities make the most of them," the quarterback, famous for his wholesome demeanor and public displays of spirituality on the field, told Jason Kennedy in an interview that aired Friday on the NBC morning program.

On Wednesday, the Daily News published an article where Jets players -- hiding under a cloak of anonymity -- bashed Tebow as "terrible" and said "We don't look at him as a quarterback."

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Afterward, he told journalists in the Jets' locker room, "This is something I can't control, but I can control my attitude, my effort and my work ethic."

The 25-year-old was traded to the Jets last spring from the Denver Broncos; he became an instant phenonenon on that team for "Tebow-ing," or praying on the field, an act that launched into a viral meme copied all over the world. He is now the backup on the Jets, playing second fiddle to Mark Sanchez.

When asked why he trademarked "Tebow-ing," he told Kennedy: "For me getting on a knee and praying is a very special deal for me. A very special moment. For me, it was honoring that and not letting people go out there and make a mockery of it and do a lot of different things and just kind of keeping it safe."

Off the field, Tebow's love life keeps people guessing -- especially since he's been vocal about his virginity. The latest starlet linked to the NFL star: actress Camilla Belle.

"I have gotten asked that a lot over the last two weeks and when I start to talk about it, Jason, I will definitely let you know," he said.

Watch the full interview below:

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