Reebok Can't Sell Tim Tebow Jerseys, Judge Rules

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All New York Jets apparel touting the name of the famed quarterback have been pulled from shelves, following a suit filed against the company by NFL licensee Nike.

New York Jets fans may have to get on both knees to plead with the federal court to lift the ban on all apparel tied to their newly acquired quarterback, Tim Tebow.

Manhattan federal Judge Kevin Castel ruled against the distribution of any shirts or jerseys displaying the player's name or number, citing that manufacturer Reebok had lost its NFL licensing deal to Nike, who initially prompted the case after filing suit and a temporary restraining order.

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"It is a minor hardship to Jets and Tim Tebow fans to have to wait 'til April 27 to get their jerseys," Castel announced after his ruling.

Reebok exec Kenneth Gamble failed to prove claims that the NFL Players Association had given him the go-ahead to continue sales of the clothing. The Association's head, Keith Gordon, later denied the statements, leaving Gamble with the already-manufactured merchandise, and no place to sell it. As it stands, about 6,000 jerseys and 25,000 t-shirts have been pulled from stores nationwide.