The Time When a 'Modern Family' Editor Sat "Behind the Worst Person in the World"

Airline Taking Off - H 2014
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Airline Taking Off - H 2014

An Emmy winner's live-tweet dispatch from the confines of a commercial flight

For as long as Twitter rants have driven Internet conversation, the live-tweet dispatch about an absurd drama during a flight has been a pop-culture staple.

Think of these live-tweet events — whether it's Alec Baldwin feuding with the American Airlines staff after playing Words With Friends or a Bachelor producer who probably faked a Thanksgiving flight incident  as another type of communal watercooler moment. 

The latest correspondent reporting a darkly comic incident from the cramped confines of a commercial airline flight is Ryan Case, an Emmy-winning TV editor known for her work on Modern Family.

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Details, as is the case during many live-tweet incidents, are sketchy, but it's safe to assume the incident in question occurred on Sept. 28 and, involved an unruly nearby passenger, thus becoming fodder for sharply observed commentary magnifying all of the little things that tend to annoy people on a jet commute circa 2014. 

As good a place as any to start with may be this tweet, sent at 9:18 p.m. on Sept. 28: "Sitting behind the worst person in the world." Here are several of Case's sussequent tweets (the story goes further and lives on at Case's Twitter feed): 

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