That Time The Bachelorette's Horse Took a Dump in a Beverly Hills Store

ABC/Scott Baxter
'The Bachelorette'

Horsin' around on Rodeo Drive.

A doggie pool party is a tough date to follow, but leave it to the Bachelorette producers to make it happen.

For Bachelorette Rachel's one-on-one date with education software manager Anthony, the pair took horses for a quick trot down Rodeo Drive.

Yes, Rodeo — as in, Beverly Hills' most hoity-toity shopping destination, the very same street that is home to Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana and where transportation is usually limited to Teslas, Ferraris and Bentleys, not horses. 

But on ABC's The Bachelorette, anything is possible! Producers of the show managed to get approval from the owners of two shops, West and Only In Beverly Hills, to bring living, breathing and occasionally pooping horses inside the stores.

Lisa Bochner, owner of Only In Beverly Hills — a year-old boutique known for its cheeky merchandise which simultaneously pokes fun at and celebrates the town's over-the-top reputation — tells The Hollywood Reporter that the journey began back in February when a producer for the show waltzed into her shop.

"A really fun woman walked in the store and said, 'Shut the front door, this is perfect!' She was a producer and she was on a scouting mission. She was looking for the quintessential Beverly Hills store and found us," said Bochner, who agreed to be featured on the series, even after the producer explained the horse angle of the pun-friendly date (Get it? Horses on "Rodeo"?). 

"We worked with a wrangler because our store is pretty small, and we were able to rearrange some of the displays so that we could fit both horses," she added of how both animals were able to maneuver in the 700 square-foot space. "It was cozy." 

Of the, um, accident, Bochner noted, "It was all fine. It was contained into one little area." She said that the production team immediately sent a "cowboy with a shovel" to remove the droppings and that employees cleaned the hardwood floors three times. "[Rachel and Anthony] were a little bit embarrassed, but our merchandise is very wink-wink and we don’t take the whole thing too seriously. It was funny." 

As for Bochner's impression of Rachel's 6-foot-3 date, who had to bend at the waist while astride the horse just to fit through the door, she said he was "darling. So handsome. So well-spoken and really refined. He's a gentleman and quick to smile." 

Every Monday throughout the rest of Rachel's season, Only In Beverly Hills is offering 20 percent off what Bochner is calling The Bachelorette Collection (with promo code "rose"), which includes the varsity jackets and "Too Glam to Give a Damn" tees that Rachel and Anthony sported on last night's episode. She added that the shop noticed an uptick in sales of the jacket in particular immediately following the episode: "People have been shopping like crazy."

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