That Time Don Rickles Dropped by Carson's 'Tonight Show' to Kiss Sinatra

Don Rickles Sinatra - H 2017

The legendary comedian and movie star died at the age of 90.

It was a classic moment in late-night television. 

Don Rickles stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson in 1976 to bust Frank Sinatra's chops, but also to give him a big kiss on the lips — two things that if anyone else did outside the Rat Pack, there'd be trouble. 

Rickles died Thursday. The legendary comedian and movie star was 90. 

When he dropped in on Carson and Sinatra, he first began by speaking fake Italian to Ol' Blue Eyes and teasing him about the Mafia. Again, something Sinatra did not take lightly with others. But here, he is having a good time. 

Rickles also made light of Sinatra's recent marriage and said the iconic singer likely belts out his own tunes during love-making. Again, Sinatra was in stitches. 

Still, the best part is toward the end, when Sinatra shares a great little story about Rickles and their hilarious interaction one night in a restaurant.