The Time Gigi Hadid Watched 'Making a Murderer'

Gigi Hadid - P 2015
Steve Granitz/WireImage

The supermodel had some thoughts about it.

When she's not busy starring in international fashion campaigns, shooting Masterchef Celebrity Showdown or hanging out with former boy-bander beau Zayn Malik, supermodel Gigi Hadid is just like the rest of us. That is, she's binge-watching everyone's new favorite Netflix series, Making a Murderer.

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Like many viewers of the docuseries, Hadid was outraged about the outcome of the case — specifically Brendan Dassey's conviction and sentencing. 

In a series of tweets posted Sunday evening, the 20-year-old takes us on her roller coaster of emotions as she viewed one of the most talked-about series on the Internet.

Let's take it from the top: 

OK, we'll be here waiting.

She's so considerate.


Same, girl. Same.

Ever the caring friend, Hadid even offered up some "emotional support" after Kim Kardashian tweeted, "Ok I just got a Netflix account. Gonna see what this Making A Murderer is about." (Sidenote: How did Kardashian not have Netflix before Sunday? Get with the program, Kim.)

Thank you, Gigi, for using your platform as a celebrity to voice our collective Making a Murderer opinions. Your services are appreciated.