'In Time': Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried Meet, Look for Help in New Clips (Video)


20th Century Fox's sci-fi thriller, which also stars Cillian Murphy and Matthew Bomer, opens Oct. 28.

20th Century Fox on Tuesday released four new clips from its upcoming sc-fi thriller In Time.

The film, set in the future, explores a world in which no one ages past 25, but time is purchased or earned. So the rich live longer.

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Justin Timberlake's character is a working-class man named Will who is falsely accused of murder. Amanda Seyfried plays Sylvia, a wealthy girl he takes hostage. 

One of the clips shows Will being introduced to Sylvia by her father (Vincent Cartheiser), while another features him asking her to call for help.

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The other clips show Timberlake being interrogated by Cillian Murphy and Timberlake being explained the system by Matthew Bomer.

The movie opens Oct. 28.