Time Warner Cable Offers Customers Free Antennas to Watch CBS

Michael Tackett/CBS
"Under the Dome"

As the carriage-dispute blackout continues, efforts are being made to allow subscribers to access the broadcast network.

As Time Warner Cable's blackout of CBS stations moves into its fourth week, TWC is making an effort to help subscribers watch the broadcast network -- by offering them free antennas.

The cable company said Friday that customers could pick up free indoor antennas at their stores in Dallas, L.A., New York, Milwaukee and Green Bay, Wis. TWC is also offering a $20 voucher to buy antennas at Best Buy.

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"All blacked-out broadcast stations remain available over the air, and most households can receive the signals if they have the right equipment," the cable company said in a posting on its website.

This equipment consists of an antenna and a TV set with a digital tuner, or an over-the-air digital converter box purchased at a retail location (not a Time Warner Cable set-top box).

If you have the necessary equipment, you can tune to a digital signal on your TV once it's been received by the antenna, TWC explained. But, the cable operator noted that their indoor antennas have limited range, so they will likely only work if you're close to the station's transmitter.

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TWC is also offering Amazon gift cards so customers can watch CBS programs via Amazon's streaming service, according to Reuters.

Time Warner Cable began blacking out CBS stations Aug. 2 after the two companies could not reach an agreement on retransmission consent fees. Since then, TWC subscribers in affected areas have been unable to watch the summer hit Under the Dome, some local preseason football games and other CBS programming.

It's believed that the start of the NFL season in September will force both sides to reach a deal.