Time Warner Cable to Roll Out High-End Service Bundle

SignatureHome targets different customers than the budget-priced TV Essentials test package.

NEW YORK - Time Warner Cable is not only planning to test a low-priced TV subscription package, but is also rolling out a high-end service bundle designed to provide added value.

A spokeswoman said TW Cable will start rolling out this so-called SignatureHome service, which will cost $199.99 per month, in December.

The diverging services may be a sign of the gap between better-off consumers and those still struggling with the effects of the long U.S. recession and high unemployment. For the latter, TW Cable will test a new package called TV Essentials. However, both offers highlight the value the cable operator tries to provide for its customers.

SignatureHome includes a video package that features all networks with the exception of premium subscription channels, which can be added for an additional cost, the highest-speed broadband tier, wireless home networking, telephony service features and whole house DVR service.

The service package also includes special customer service. TW Cable's web site lists such things as priority reservations, "a convenient technician arrival window" and "SignatureHome Personal Solutions Advisors available anytime by online chat and phone."

The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday mentioned that TW Cable has been testing the high-end package at a $249 price, but didn't provide much detail. The TWC spokeswoman said the company decided to provide "added value to our customers" by offering the package for $199.99 instead.
The whole house DVR service allows customers to record up to four channels at one time, record a TV show and play it back in any room in the house and provides the capacity to store up to 150 hours of HD content.