Time Warner CEO sees Google as an ally

Jeff Bewkes: TV Everywhere to trump Hulu, Netflix

Time Warner is looking to Google and its new Google TV service as allies as the entertainment giant looks to make more of its TV content available online while ensuring that only current pay TV subscribers can access content, CEO Jeff Bewkes told the Wall Street Journal.

He also predicted that Netflix and Hulu, which some cable and satellite TV operators fear may lead consumers to cancel their pay TV subscriptions, will increasingly face a "massive amount of competition" as more content becomes available online in authenticated form. Said Bewkes: "When all of the content on the big screen works like the content on the little screen, what will happen? The programming will trump the interface."

Time Warner not only is making its networks' Websites ready for display on Google TV-enabled TV sets, but has also been looking to expand the online reach of its TV content in the secure "TV Everywhere" setting, which ensures that only pay TV customers can access shows - to protect entertainment companies' fee payments from cable and other distributors.

Bewkes told the Journal that Time Warner is close to reaching "TV Everywhere" deals with Dish Network, DirecTV and AT&T, among others.
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