Time's Up Taps WNBA President to Lead Organization

Courtesy of Time's Up
Lisa Borders

Lisa Borders stepped down as president of the WNBA to become the organization's first leader.

Time's Up announced on Tuesday that Lisa Borders will serve as the women's defense fund's first-ever president and CEO. Borders is stepping down as president of the WNBA, also announced on Tuesday, and will begin her position with Time's Up starting Nov. 1.

According to Time's Up's announcement, Borders intends to lead the organization’s work to ensure equal opportunity and protection for all working women, seizing 2018's societal surge of female empowerment and transforming it into meaningful and institutionalized change across culture, companies and laws.

At the WNBA, Borders, who had joined the league in 2016, was responsible for developing the vision for the athletic organization and overseeing day-to-day business and basketball operations. Prior to the WNBA, she was vp global community affairs at the Coca-Cola Company and chair of the Coca-Cola Foundation. Additionally, Borders previously served as vice mayor of Atlanta and president of the Atlanta City Council.

"Time's Up is both a natural extension and a bold advancement of the work I have been doing for the last four decades," Borders said in a statement. "I’m honored to have this opportunity to combine my experience working across all three sectors, as real, systemic change will require collaboration from each of these arenas. To disrupt and reinvent the ingrained status quo, we will need all hands on deck to create and sustain enduring change. I’m thrilled to lead Time's Up, and I am convinced that, together, we will shift the paradigm of workplace culture."

Shonda Rhimes — CEO of Shondaland, seed-funder of Time's Up and member of the Time's Up President and CEO Search Committee — added: "The pursuit of safe, dignified and equal treatment in the workplace as a solution to the abuse of power is a mission that can be fulfilled. With Lisa’s skills and leadership, Time's Up is now in the best position to achieve what we all started — to create a more positive future for workplace culture and a more powerful network for working women of all kinds." 

Kerry Washington, a founding member of Time's Up, is also happy to bring Borders on board. "Last November, we received a letter from 700,000 farmworker women, from Alianza Nacional De Campesinas, that helped put our own pain and anger into shared solidarity and context," the Scandal star said. "While Time's Up was born in the entertainment industry, this work has always been about prioritizing the safety and equity of all women everywhere — regardless of race, religion or background –— in the workplace and in their daily lives. Lisa will help us ensure that this isn’t a moment that passes us by. We’re so thrilled to have her leadership."

Time's Up was founded in January in response to Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct scandal and the #MeToo movement. The organization entered the public zeitgeist at the 2018 Golden Globes, where celebrities wore pins in support of sexual abuse victims.