Rashida Jones and Donald Glover Team for Time's Up PSA

Jones directed the animated video, with Glover serving as the narrator.

The Time's Up Movement on Tuesday released a PSA that shows how power dynamics exist within the workplace. The animated video was directed by Rashida Jones and is narrated by Donald Glover.

"Has the current wave of sexual allegations left you scared, confused, maybe even a little angry?" asks Glover as animated characters portray the emotions. "It's the culture shifting under your feet so fast you can't make sense of it."

He then answers some frequently asked questions about sexual harassment. "Is it okay to greet your co-worker with a deep, full body hug or mouth kiss? No. This is what we call unwelcome touching," he says. Even if someone does not view the affectionate touching as sexual, Glover says, "Still, it's a no."

The second question he addresses is if it's okay to "think a co-worker looks sexy in their pants?" He says, "Sure. Think away. But is it okay to tell that person you think they look sexy?" The answer is no. "You may not know this, but people aren’t always looking for feedback on the way they look, even if you're being nice and flattering. It's entirely possible that they just really like the way they look in those pants."

Next, Glover addresses if it's okay to ask someone out at work. "Maybe," he says. "Consider the following questions first. What kind of power dynamic is this? Are you their boss? Do you have a more secure job? Is there a possibility that this person may fear getting fired if they say no or report you? Is it possible the vibe you think you're picking up on is just them trying to be nice?" He concludes, "If the answer is yes to any of these questions, just don't do it."

The video then encourages viewers to act out when they see or hear about sexual harassment: "It's your problem. It's like a Ouija board. If you're not pushing or pulling, then the people who are pushing and pulling get to make the rules."

"The world is changing under your feet. Ultimately for the better, but it will take you and everyone around you to be a little more sensitive, aware and open to learning a new way," says Glover. "All people deserve to be treated with respect and to feel safe at work."

Earlier this year, the organization launched the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund to help men and women who face sexual harassment in the workplace find legal representation and public relations assistance.

Watch the full PSA above.