Tina Fey Can't Name 20 Latino Performers for Billy Eichner

Billy on the street - Tina Fey - H 2015
Courtesy of TruTV

"Tina Fey finally failed at something!!!"

Tina Fey is on the street with Billy Eichner in the season four premiere of Billy on the Street, playing Billy's "new favorite game, LaTina Fey!"

Eichner hands Fey an Oscar statuette and it's her job to name as many Latino performers as she can think of in under a minute.

The 30 Rock star manages to remember a few, like "Eva Longoria," "Mark Anthony" and "the really handsome guy that was on Law & Order" but ultimately collapses on the ground under the pressure of Eichner's demands for "one more Latino!!!"

"Tina Fey finally failed at something!!!" cries Eichner at last. "Tina Fey couldn't think of 20 Latinos! There's your feminist right there!"

Watch the full clip below.