Tina Fey Says Colin Quinn Called Her the C-Word When She Was 'SNL' Head Writer

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Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

"I think his anxiety about the writing of the show spilled over."

On Monday, Tina Fey stopped by Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show to promote her new film Sisters.

And in addition to talking about the upcoming Universal film, in which she co-stars with Amy Poehler, Fey shared a story about when her former Saturday Night Live castmate Colin Quinn insulted her in a voicemail message.

Stern asked Fey to talk about being called a "c—" when she was head writer at Saturday Night Live, pressing her to reveal who it was. "We've since made up," said Fey, hesitant to disclose the name. "I love him so much."

Then she said Colin Quinn's name.

"I think he — I was trying to help him with a show he was working on and I think his anxiety about the writing of the show spilled over," said Fey, revealing that he called her that on a voicemail message. She called the incident "very random" and said she was confused when she heard the message.

"I couldn't even guess why [he said that]," said Fey. "Usually if someone calls you that, you're like, 'I know what I did.' "

When Stern joked that Quinn did not make an appearance on Sisters, Fey said that she had asked him to be on 30 Rock three times, and he turned her down every time. 

"We have since reconnected at the SNL 40th actually, and we are good," she said.

"It's all true," Quinn said on his Twitter. "I have used profanity when I've been angry at people. When I was wrong ( as with Tina) I've said sorry to them."

In the interview, Fey revealed that she herself used that derogatory word against a woman in London, when the woman was being rude to her. Fey laughingly said that she's been getting in more street altercations since her father's death, explaining that she used to be afraid she'd get in trouble with her dad if she misbehaved.

Listen to clips from her interview below: