Tina Fey, Megyn Kelly and 7 Other Powerful Women Talk Power Dressing

Fey_Kelly_getty - split 2016

Fey_Kelly_getty - split 2016

Leather pants, anyone?

A perfectly tailored suit and a pair of killer stilettos can do wonders for a woman's confidence, but even so, they can feel a bit one-dimensional or restrictive after a while.

So, what do the most influential (and stylish) women in entertainment reach for in their closets when they want to feel extra powerful? At The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast in Hollywood on Wednesday morning, we asked guests Tina Fey (recipient of THR's Sherry Lansing Leadership Award), Megyn Kelly, Simone Biles and more what they wear when they need a little confidence boost.

Tina Fey
“I have a pair of leather pants that I’ve been accused of wearing too often. It has been suggested to me by my peers that I should phase them out and I will not.”

Jane Lynch
“A tux jacket. That will never go out of style. I usually wear a camisole underneath it because it has a deep V — it’s kind of sexy, so I can’t pull it out all the time. It’s very edgy and it makes me look very curvy, so I have to be in a curvy mood to wear it.”

"I think when you walk in the room as a power woman you can have the shoes, you can have the suit — but it’s also how you smell, and what’s your signature scent. For me, Clive Christian is the scent I wear to all my power meetings. It’s hard to capture a fragrance that is the essence of you. It’s unique to everyone. I also always wear a cross. As a Christian I think that’s the most important thing. People lose themselves in Hollywood, they lose who they are and what they’re grounded in, and I’m grounded in the word of God. I designed this cross after Michael [Clark Duncan] passed away. It’s overlapping crosses.”

Penny Lovell, Celebrity Stylist
“A tuxedo. I think a tuxedo is very versatile. I have a Marc Jacobs one and it’s old school. It’s actually a very small and narrow men’s tuxedo, but it has high-waisted pants. I’ve worn it for years. I think the secret to all dressing, not just power dressing, is tailoring. Very few people fit things perfectly. All of these tiny little things tailors can do don’t take long, but they make such a difference. ”

Allison Schroeder, Hidden Figures screenwriter
“As a writer, I often wear an outfit that matches the movie I’m pitching. I create the image of the character I’m trying to pitch. If I'm pitching myself, I wear whatever makes me feel good. In terms of what I chose today, I gave birth two weeks ago, so it was whatever fit me!”

Shiri Appleby
“I like to feel incredibly confident, and that usually has to do with feeling sexy in some way. It’s a mix of feeling professional and sexy. I usually choose one piece that feels like I’m working it, and another that feels a little demure."

Constance Zimmer
“I feel like you're always most confident when you’re in your own skin, not pretending to be anything that you aren’t already. It’s okay to wear flats if that’s what makes you feel confident. For me, it’s all about comfort and dressing super fun."

Simone Biles, Olympic Gymnast
“Most of the time I feel confident in sweatpants, but at the same time I can turn around and feel confident in heels, too. Usually I go for a dress, or something tight fitting because I have a very little body structure. But other than that, workout clothes.”

Megyn Kelly
“Anything by Victoria Beckham. I really love Victoria right now, but in Victoria a size four is not a four. In Victoria a four is a ten!”