Tina Fey Sheet Cake SNL 'Weekend Update' Moment Inspires Carvel


And new weekend goals, if we're being honest.

Devouring an entire sheet cake is not always the most glamorous pursuit, but sometimes it must be done. 

On last night's Weekend Update, the all-wise Tina Fey preached the cathartic powers of "sheet-caking," which not only supports local businesses and satisfies the most basic of all human needs — that is, the primal need for copious amounts of processed sugar — but also allows you to channel your rage and frustration or whatever other feelings you might have boiling deep inside the depths of your soul in reaction to the events of the past week, into a singular, non-violent (usually, though that's not guaranteed) act of slovenly noshing on some sheet cake.

"Order a cake with the American flag on it, and just eat it," explains Fey, of the "why-didn't-we-think-of-that" solution. "When you want to yell at them," she continues, "yell it into the cake." 


Sound like an activity for you? Then you'll need some cake, and that's where Carvel Ice Cream comes into play. "The Tina," though missing an American flag, is the perfect cake for releasing your frustrations. It's tough, frozen center will allow you to stab harder and with more vengeance than you would get away with on a typical cake, though we recommend maybe pacing yourself a bit more than Fey, so as to avoid brain freeze. 

"Sheet-caking is a grassroots movement," notes Fey. "Most of the women I know have been doing it once a week since the election." Eat up.