Tinder Introduces Verified Profiles for Celebrities and VIPs

Duff Main - H 2015
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Duff Main - H 2015

Lots of stars have been open about looking for dates and mates on Tinder, but the people they meet don't believe it's them. Now they can be verified, so you know a celebrity is the real deal.

If you're one of the many millions looking for love or whatever on Tinder, good news: It turns out 26 million matches are made per day on the hot dating site by multitudes swiping right (for "hell, yes") of left (for "not in this lifetime"). And up until now, if you spotted a major celebrity in the midst of your swiping, you probably assumed his or her profile was a fake. After all, why would the likes of Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan or Lily Allen need to date on Tinder?

Well, even celebs have problems meeting people to date in fact, they often have more problems meeting people. They can't exactly sidle up to people in bars. Those ladies all have used Tinder. Even Chris Pine and Josh Groban have expressed that they'd like to go on Tinder (they may be there now, for all we know). And, of course, there's ubiquitous dater Chelsea Handler. Plus, Halle Berry and even Adele are known to have spent time on online dating.

But as of Tuesday, July 7, that's changed. Now celebrities and CEOs, famous athletes, directors, producers, politicians, anyone in the public eye can be "verified" on Tinder by using Verified Profiles. A blue check mark will appear on these profiles, so no need to spend time wondering if you've eyed the real deal. Just swipe right and go for it! You might just wind up on TV!

According to Tinder representatives, they are not revealing any names of celebs who have Verified Profiles at this time, but you might see some if you start clicking through.

Tinder is only verifying a small group of people to start. The Verified Profiles will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. A limited number of requests will be taken into consideration at first; others will be added to the waitlist. At this time, Tinder says only notable public figures will be considered, including celebrities and athletes. If you think you qualify, you can request verification on Tinder by emailing verified@tinder.com for consideration.