Tiny Estonia Unites to Make ‘That’s IT!’

The apocalyptic drama was written, cast, directed and produced collectively by more than 1,500 Estonians.

COLOGNE, Germany – Citizens of the tiny European country of Estonia have taken the concept of collective filmmaking to a whole new level with That’s IT!, an apocalyptic drama created by some 1,500, mostly amateur, local filmmakers. That figure is even more impressive when one considers Estonia has only 1.3 million inhabitants.

That’s IT! started a year ago as a way to celebrate a century of Estonian cinema. The script was written collectively online and casting was done via a reality TV show. Estonians even picked the crew via an online voting system. Industry professionals, including Ilmar Raag, director of 2007 award-winner The Class and documentary filmmaker Jaak Kilmi (Disco and Atomic War), helped coach the team of amateurs through the film’s shooting, editing and post-production.

That’s IT! is set in the days leading up to Dec. 21, 2012 when, according to the Mayan calendar, the world will end. The film follows four young people traveling across Estonia, each struggling to decide how they will spend their final days on earth.

You can watch the English-subtitled trailer for That’s IT! here.

That’s IT! premieres in Estonia Nov. 11 on 111 cinemas and community centers across the country, the biggest ever release for a film in the tiny Baltic nation.