This Tiny House in Los Angeles Lists for Almost as Much as Neighboring Mansions

Tiny House LA - H 2016

At $499,000, the price per square foot is comparable to nearby Beverly Glen houses 15 times larger.

A 264-square-foot house in the Beverly Glen area of Los Angeles is asking a whopping sum of $499,000.

According to Curbed LA, the tiny structure was built in 1924 and at $499,000, its price per square foot comes to $1,890. 

The cozy building is listed as an "artist or writer retreat" perfect for a student or someone looking for a "seclude and private hideaway," but the price per square foot is closer to that of nearby Beverly Glen mansions, listed at around $1,000 per square foot or less. 

The zero-bedroom home has skylights, a deck and a backyard with a carport. The listing also boasts that it is "the least expensive property in the Beverly Glen Canyon area."