'Tirza' is Dutch candidate for 2011 Oscars

Rudolf van den Berg's lost-child drama set in Africa

BERLIN – Rudolf van den Berg's "Tirza," a lost-child drama set in Africa, will be the official Dutch candidate for the 2011 best foreign language Oscar.

The film, which will open the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht Sept. 22, follows a Dutch man whose life is torn apart when his daughter Tirza disappears while on holiday in Namibia. He sets out to find her but the only one who can help him is Ibi, a child prostitute.

"Tirza" is Van den Berg's first Dutch-language film in more than two decades. His last four features -- "Snapshots" (2002)," "Goodnight Vienna" (1997), "The Cold Light of Day" (1996) and "The Johnsons" (1992) -- were in English with international casts.

"Tirza" is a co-production between San Fu Maltha's Fu Works, Jeroen Koolbergen's Cadenza Films and Belgian producer Prime Time.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will announce the best foreign language nominees on Jan. 25. The 83rd Oscars will be awarded on Feb. 27, 2011.