'Titanic 3D' Breaks Box Office Record for Imax in China

Sinking Ship

The 2012 remastering of Titanic took 60 weeks and $18 million to produce, including remastering the original 4k resolution and then post-converting to 3D.

The 20th Century Fox release raised $7 million on its opening weekend for the giant screen exhibitor, surpassing the previous high-water mark for "Transformers: Dark of the Moon."

TORONTO - Imax Corp. on Wednesday said it took in $7 million in China on the opening weekend release of Titanic 3D.

That set a record first weekend box office record for Imax in the Asian market after 20th Century Fox’s release of James Cameron’s Oscar-winning film grossed $74 million since opening in China on April 10.

Imax rolled Titanic 3D out in 64 of its digital theaters across China, for a per-screen average of $109,375.

The record-setting opening results for Titanic 3D surpassed the previous high-water mark set by Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Through Monday, Titanic 3D grossed around $210 million globally, of which around $15 million came from 408 Imax theaters worldwide.