Fox Mexico to Give Away $15,000 Necklaces to Promote 'Titanic 3D' Release

Kate Winslet Titanic Necklace - P 2011
20th Century Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

Kate Winslet Titanic Necklace - P 2011

The studio is touting the upcoming release of the James Cameron-directed film with a giveaway.

MEXICO CITY -- Twentieth Century Fox has commissioned renowned Mexican jewelry designer Daniel Espinosa to create five replicas of the Heart of the Ocean necklace of Titanic fame to promote the film's upcoming 3D release.

Kate Winslet's character Rose wears the famed necklace in the 1997 blockbuster disaster film. The replicas, valued at $15,000 each, consist of 106 diamond-cut zirconias set in sterling silver and rhodium plating, which surround a blue heart-shaped zirconia. 

As part of Fox Mexico's Titanic 3D promotional campaign, fans throughout the world can participate in an online video contest via YouTube to win one of the necklaces. The other pieces from the limited edition will find their way into a raffle or private collections.  

Titanic 3D hits Mexican theaters on April 13.