TiVo CEO on Pitchman Tim Tebow: 'We're Gonna Make Better Use of Him Than the Jets Have'

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Tom Rogers explains why he chose the NFL backup quarterback as the company's new pitchman: "people don’t really know TiVo has a passing game."

Just as New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow isn’t known for his ability to pass a football, so too is TiVo under-appreciated for its ability to "pass" content from one device to the next, the DVR maker’s CEO said.

TiVo chief executive Tom Rogers was in full pitch-mode Monday, telling a room full of Wall Street analysts that consumers are desirous of an all-in-one box and that his company is one of the few that can deliver.

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Rogers said it’s easy to go on and on about the future of television being “an on-demand experience for consumers,” but it’s easier said than done. The code TiVo has cracked, he said, is the ability to put Netflix, Hulu,YouTube, linear TV, VOD and DVR on a single device with one remote-control and an easy interface.

“That’s what we do,” Rogers said, just before touting TiVo’s ability to move content on their TV sets over to their iPads.

"It’s not so easy to do or a lot more people would be doing it,” he said during a presentation at the 40th Annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference on Monday.

In fact, beyond “Tebow” rhyming with TiVo, it’s the DVR’s “passing” ability that encouraged Rogers to sign a deal with the well-known football player, even though he’s rarely been used in actual games since joining the Jets.

“The more I thought about it, the more I realized that, gee, people don’t know that he has a passing game – at least people who are advocates of Tebow’s football capabilities. And people don’t really know TiVo has a passing game,” Rogers said.

“We’re a more well-rounded player in a lot of regards than we’re given credit for, and you can say the same for Tim Tebow,” he said. “We’re gonna make much better use of him than the Jets have this season."

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