TiVo challenges advertisers to spend on DVRs

Suggests they reallocate money from weak TV spots

NEW YORK -- DVR pioneer TiVo is challenging advertisers to trade in their weakest primetime 30-second TV spot for 30 days of exposure on TiVo.

The company said Monday that the objective of its "TiVo Challenge" is "to help brands and advertisers understand how their media buys are performing and demonstrate how far the TV dollars currently spent on traditional 30 [second] spots in DVR homes can go when TiVo's interactive advertising solutions are used to counter fast-forwarding behavior."

TiVo said it will first help brands identify the most avoided spot that is worth trading in by using its anonymous Stop||Watch ratings service.

Amid growing DVR penetration and fears of ad-skipping, TiVo has in recent years increasingly pitched itself as a partner for advertisers, including movie studios.

"TiVo has become an ally to the media industry by helping brands and agencies better understand the challenges they face in the age of the DVR," Tara Maitra, vp & general manager, content services and ad sales for TiVo said Monday. "Our interactive ad solutions are designed to grab viewers in homes where time-shifted viewing is the primary way TV is watched. TiVo's advertising units catch the attention of viewers while they are engaged, not solely during commercial breaks, and work to enhance the value of television spots."