TiVo ready for NZ rollout

Telecom NZ to support service with Hybrid TV

SYDNEY -- The TiVo service will be available to broadband subscribers in New Zealand from November under an new exclusive deal announced Thursday by Telecom New Zealand and Hybrid Television Services, the TiVo licensees for Australia and New Zealand.

The deal means that Telecom NZ customers who buy a TiVo box when they go on sale in NZ in November will get unlimited access to downloadable movies and TV shows to their TV sets or PCs, with no impact on their monthly broadband data allowance, along with the Freeview NZ digital terrestrial channels.

In addition, games and information services as well as the 14-day on-screen guide and software updates will be offered unlimited through Telecom NZ service. 

Content downloaded to TiVo sets can be shared between network devices including PCs, mobile phones, iPods and PlayStation Portables.

Telecom NZ is the country’s largest broadband provider.

The TiVo box will go on sale for the first time in New Zealand in November for NZ$899.00 ($634) or NZ$920.00 ($650) with a wireless adapter. 

Robbee Minicola, CEO of Hybrid TV said: “The partnership between Hybrid TV and Telecom is an outstanding result for the New Zealand consumer. We are very pleased to have the largest telecommunication provider support our efforts in supplying unmetered broadband entertainment to the TiVo media device.

Several Australian broadband providers offer unlimited content to the TiVo service here, although the two largest, Telstra and Optus have yet to come to a deal with TiVo.