TiVo signs on with Hulu Plus

Deal enables firm's premium subscribers to use service

TiVo has signed with Hulu Plus, meaning that when the premium version of the site that offers TV shows on-demand launches by year's end, TiVo users can watch the content on their TV screens.

Hulu Plus has been busy making sure that when it is widely available for $9.99 a month users aren't necessarily tethered to their computer screen or mobile devices; it also has lined up video game consoles, Internet-enabled TV sets and Roku as partners.

The service announced Tuesday will be available only to TiVo subscribers who use the more expensive TiVo Premiere DVRs.

TiVo has similar arrangements with Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster and YouTube, potentially giving users thousands of hours of content on their sets without a cable TV plan.

TiVo has 2.4 million subscribers, 700,000 fewer than it had a year ago, but is hoping that deals that put on-demand TV shows, movies and user-generated Internet content on TV screens will encourage users to stick with the $13-a-month service instead of ditching it for cheaper DVRs from cable or satellite providers.

Hulu, owned in part by NBC Universal, Disney and News Corp., offers dozens of free shows, though for the more popular ones usually only a handful of full episodes.
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