TiVo to track Web content usage on TV sets

DVR pioneer eyes new service for Madison Ave, Hollywood

NEW YORK - TiVo Inc. said Monday that it will start tracking how much TV and Web content users watch on their TV sets.

The move creates more competition for media measurement firm Nielsen, which has been pushed by critics to provide more integrated usage data across various platforms, and help media, entertainment and advertising companies better understand content consumption in the digital age.

The New York Post first reported on the TiVo plans earlier Monday morning. The DVR pioneer will launch the new measurement service next month - just in time for the new TV fall season. TiVo users can watch traditional TV and DVR content on their screens, but also stream and download Web content from Netflix, YouTube and others.

TiVo called the new offer a game changer. "This is a great day for advertisers, brands and networks that must find more effective ways to reach their target audiences, especially as the proliferation of advanced/broadband television complicates the audience measurement process," said Elissa Lee, vp, TiVo Audience Research & Measurement.

The news of TiVo's new service comes as online video advertising growth has gained momentum again as of late. According to a separate story in the Post, at least one executive sees the emergence of an online video ad upfront season.
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