TiVo to Unveil DVR With 26,000 Hours of Storage Space

TiVo Mega - H 2014
Courtesy of TiVo

TiVo Mega - H 2014

That's three years' worth of programming

TiVo is expected to unveil on Tuesday a new DVR that can record 26,000 hours  — or three years' worth — of standard-definition TV programming. It can record about 4,000 hours in HD. 

The DVR is called TiVo Mega and will cost interested TV fans $5,000, according to the company. TiVo Mega, which boasts 24 terabytes of storage space, also can stream content to mobile devices and tablets

“You can set the Mega to record the TiVo Top 100 movies of all time, merely by pushing a button, and still have 25,800 hours of capacity after that," TiVo CEO Tom Rogers told The New York Post. He said TiVo Mega had 12 times the recording capacity of anything currently on the market.

What else could you do with all that space? For starters, TiVo Mega could record 10 years' worth of an MLB team's games.

TiVo is expected to unveil the product at  EDIA, the home-technology trade show in Denver. It is eyeing a 2015 release for TiVo Mega, which the company says would target high-end TV viewers.

Sept. 8, 7:55 p.m. Updated with additional product specifications provided by TiVo.