T.J. Miller Avoids Direct Reference to Recent Arrest During Critics' Choice Awards Monologue

TJ Miller Critics Choice screengrab - H 2016
Screengrab/Courtesy of A&E

The comedian promised to address the "elephant in the room" during his stint as host in a tweet earlier Sunday afternoon.

Comedian T.J. Miller hosted the 22nd annual Critics' Choice Awards from Santa Monica's Barker Hangar on Sunday night, following an arrest for alleged battery on a cab driver early Friday morning

Miller signed on to host in August, marking his second time serving as emcee of the awards show in this calendar year, as 2015's awards took place in January. 

The Office Christmas Party star began the show by marching onstage with his stomach exposed and painted with giant lips and eyes while his upper body was covered by a large top hat, whistling. He wasted no time in coming through on his tweeted promise from earlier that day to "address the elephant in the room" — but it turned out not to be about his arrest.

"We have to cover the elephant in the room," Miller said, somberly. "The Russians hacked the election."

After the joke, Miller once again said he would address the room's "elephant." "It is the 31st anniversary of the Chorus Line on Broadway," the comedian said before proceeding to break into a dance number from the play, backed by costumed dancers. 

Miller, whose arrest earlier in the weekend involved allegedly striking a cab driver over a political argument, expressed his dislike of stars talking politics.

"I hate when celebrities get on their soapbox," Miller quipped before stepping on a literal box labeled "soap."

"Trolls did well this year. Not the movie, but the ones on the internet," the host said from atop his soapbox. "One got elected president."

Despite his earlier tweet, Miller never directly addressed the arrest in his monologue.