T.J. Miller Parasails Into Cannes in Stunt for Sony's 'Emoji Movie'

Reuters/Stephane Mahe/Newscom
T.J. Miller parasailing into Cannes on Tuesday

The extravagant entry promoting the official trailer release for 'The Emoji Movie' took place on the beach in front of the iconic Carlton Hotel.

T.J. Miller brought some promotional ridiculousness to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, parasailing into the Cote d'Azur in an extravagant yellow suit and landing on the beach in front of the historic Carlton Hotel. 

The stunt preceded his unveiling of the first official trailer for Sony Pictures' The Emoji Movie, in which Miller stars as Gene, an emoji that teams up with notorious code-breaker Jailbreak (Anna Faris) on an adventure through a teenager's phone.

Miller appeared to struggle in his harness a bit at the start of the stunt (which was captured via GoPros attached to his parachute), but then he got comfortable and began swinging around wildly. "I don't know if we're even live, but this is it!," Miller said. "We are parasailing live into Cannes!"

As he was reeled into a speedboat, Miller briefly appeared to panic and cry for help. "You're speaking so much French — what's happening?!" he shouted as he came back to earth.

Once ashore and introducing the Emoji trailer, Miller said: "What better way to go to your first Cannes Film Festival than parasailing.... My only regret is that my wife wasn't with me up there to help me not urinate."

He also mispronounced "Cannes" throughout the event, seeming to refer to the city and festival as "gun."  

The Emoji Movie co-stars James Corden, Steven Wright and Rob Riggle, along with Patrick Stewart who plays the Poop emoji. Directed by Tony Leondis and produced by Michelle Raimo, the film was scripted by Mike White and Eric Siegel. 

The trailer started after Miller pressed a big button, which also launched confetti into the air. "Confetti canons!?" screamed Miller. "I mean Sony's gone all out. Hashtag Emoji Movie." 

Watch the video of Miller's stunt below.