TLC Orders 'All-American Muslim' Series

The cable channel best known for controversial hits "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and "Sister Wives" will turn its focus to a Muslim-American community in Michigan.

TLC is attempting to take a deep dive into Muslin-American culture with its new series, All-American Muslim.

The series, set to premiere in November, is designed to bring viewers inside a Dearborn, Michigan community with the largest mosque in the United States. The cameras will chronicle the everyday lives of five appropriately diverse Muslim families, focusing on their customs, celebrations, conflicts and misconceptions.

"All-American Muslim is a perfect fit for TLC, inviting viewers into a world they might not otherwise experience,” said the channel's general manager Amy Winter. “Through these families and their diverse experiences, we will explore how they blend their values and traditions with everyday life in America, providing insight into their culture with care and compassion.”

The project, which hails from Shed Media US and executive producers Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O’Connell and Dan Peirson, will join a schedule that includes Kate Plus 8, Sister Wives and LA Ink.                                                      

The announcement comes just a day after cable rival Bravo announced it would be chronicling the daily lives of Persian-American community members in Los Angeles, on the surface a similar attempt to explore a world through reality television's lens.

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